Giving Back

We love Linux, so we want to give back to the communicty, and this is the best way we know how to.

Chearing for the Underdog.

We have all started out small and needed a home, we want to help provide that home.

Maybe a little crazy

Sure we may be a little crazy too, I mean free stuff in 2024, like free as in beer?

So the About Us Page

So what honestly can we say about us? Well we all do love to use Linux here at Linux Mirrors. All of us here use Linux as our desktop OS. Some of us even started with Fedora 1; yes we have been using it that long.

We have also been using Linux as our server OS since CentOS 5. Do we want to count Novell 3 as a starting point too? But no for real, we started our first Web Hosting Company back in 1999 and let it grow into a what I would like to think of was a very successful company. We had several racks of servers located in the sunny city of Las Vegas, thousands of customers, and making enough to keep the lights on.

We even hosted the first mirror/download server, and the website for a great setup called Wolvix Linux, back in what 2005/2006? Since then we have believed in giving back, so we want to continue this so we created the name Linux Mirrors, as well that is what they are so the name fit, so here we are.

The Best Hosting In The Industry

I bet you thought that we were going to forget to change this part of the template didn't you?

Ok so maybe we forgot a little.